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Before we even get into talking about pricing first there's this disclaimer:

Photography is an art and our art is photography.

That means that we only accept project commissions for projects that
have an artistic value for us.

This means that we generally only accept portrait and wedding project
commissions from friends and family or from people with whom we can
establish a close connection.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about other types of project

Talk to us. If you want to keep it simple then so can we. If you want
to engage us for a three day event we can do that, too!


Payment in full is required prior to the delivery of the proof images.


If you have a special situation then please contact us with your
special request and we promise to give your special situation our
every consideration.

Non-profit events: We love to work with non-profit organizations and
we're happy to donate reasonable services for selected events.
Contact us and we'll talk!